Administration/Main Office

Welcome to Arapahoe Charter School's main office.
We are a friendly school with an open door policy. Please give us a call or stop by to ask questions or share your ideas with us.
Meet Our Administrators:
Mr. Chris Watson - Interim Administrative Director,
Mrs. Rhonda Roberts - Administrative Assistant,

Mr. Cody Edwards - Asst. Admin. Director (High School),
Mrs. Demetrious Boomer - High School Secretary,

Mr. Robert Blount - Asst. Admin. Director (Middle School),

Mrs. Julie Edwards - Asst. Admin. Director (Grades K-5),

Mr. Greg Rohrman - Data Coordinator,


9005 HWY 306 South
Arapahoe, NC 28510

Main Office: 252-249-2599
Fax: 252-249-1316