Additional Information for Parents


When Should Your Child Stay Home?


  • Fever.  Children with fever (100 degrees or higher) should not be sent to school

  • Uncontrolled cough or difficulty breathing

  • Vomiting twice within 24 hours or persistent diarrhea

  • Severe headache especially with fever

  •  Red eyes with crusty or colored discharge

  •  Severe ear pain

  •  Rash especially with other symptoms

  •  Sore throat for more than 48 hours, especially if accompanied with fever

  •  Lice Students may return to school when they have no live lice. Your child must stop by the health office to have their head checked prior to returning to class.

  •  Any reason they cannot pay attention because of psychological or physical issuses.

Friendly Reminders

  • Medications should not be sent to school with students.
  • If your chlid requires medication to be given during school hours, then a medication authorization form must be completed and medications must be brought in the original container by a responsible adult.
  • If your child has needed to use an inhaler any time in the last year, then provide one to be kept in the health office for use at school.
  • In some cases it is appropriate for middle or high school students to carry emergency medications such as inhalers or epipens. Your child's doctor must provide written permission for them to carry medication.
  • Send in new contact numbers as soon as possible for parents and emergency contacts.
  • Parents are encouraged to regularly check student's hair for lice or nits. This nuisance is easiest treated when discovered early.