3rd Grade

Making Tracks that Make a Difference
Posted on 02/05/2016
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Mrs. Nunley's third graders kicked off Black History Month with a lesson on the importance of equal contribution. Each student was given a piece of a mural and a specific color to complete their section independently. As they finished, the pieces were placed on a grid to form a beautiful work of art. Later, they discussed what the mural would look like if they left out all the pieces that were colored red. The students unanimously agreed that the portrait would be incomplete and lacking in beauty. Moreover, they identified that excluding the students who were given a red crayon to complete their piece of the mural was cruel, as those students had no control over what color they were allowed to use! These amazing third graders then began to explore all the many things in our world that would be lacking in beauty if not for the right to equally contribute. These Bobcats have heard Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s message loud and clear and truly are "Making Tracks that Make a Difference"! Feel free to check out their beautiful work of collaboration and equality on display in the 3-5 hallway.