All in a Day's Art!

All in a Day's Art
Posted on 01/19/2016
Many of our art students were honored at the local Oriental Women's Student Art Festival! The first place winners will head to the district competition in Clayton at the end of the month. Their work will be on display at the Village Art Gallery in Oriental until they are shipped to the Regional Competition!  Please offer your congratulations to the following students:

6th Grade:
Blake Arnold-3rd (Edited Photography)
Isaac Alvarez
Emma Baker-1st (Ceramics)
Allen Meadows- 2nd (Edited Photography)
Emily Lugo-Pichardo- 2nd (Ceramics)
LuAn Omar- 1st (Edited Photography)
Brynn Ward- 3rd(Ceramics)
7th Grade:
Ethan Bell- 1st (Sculpture)
Jacob Burton- 1st (Pastel Drawing)
Brittany Conway- 2nd (Painting)
Kaylan Coombs- 2nd (Sculpture)
Emoni Himbry- 1st  (Painting)
Liam McCarthy- 1st (Color Photography)
Carter O'Dell
Gabriel P.- 3rd (Sculpture)
8th Grade:
Faviola Arreola-2nd (Pastel Drawing)
Sheridan B.- 1st (Colored Pencil)
Nigel Bryant- 1st (Graphics)
Jade Olson- 3rd (Pastel Drawing)
10th Grade:
Samantha Armstrong- 1st (Sculpture)
Alexcia Blight- 2nd (Painting)
Sara Cottrell- 3rd (Painting)
Alexis Ham
Jacob Hart
Kaylan Muse
Nick Phillips- 1st (Digital Art) and 2nd (Color Photography)
Bobby Pollard- 3rd (Mixed Media)
Noah Rice- 1st (color photography), 2nd (Sculpture), 3rd (edited photography) 
Chloe St Onge-1st (glass)
Shania Wright- 1st (Painting)
11th Grade:
Jonathan Beaven - 2nd (Digital), 3rd (Colored Pencil)