Arapahoe Charter Honors Legacy Staff to Mark 20 Years

Arapahoe Charter Honors Legacy Staff to Mark 20 Years
Posted on 08/01/2017
Legacy PicThe Arapahoe Charter School community celebrated the school’s 20th anniversary by recognizing employees with 10-20 years of service at a Board of Directors meeting July 13th.

Each staff member was recognized for their contributions to ACS and presented with a check to mark their years of service by Board Chairman Jimmy Lee. “These staff members represent the core of our school community,” Lee said following the meeting. “They have dedicated years of time and energy to providing our students with experiences they will carry with them for life.”
“These bonuses acknowledge that dedication and reaffirm our school’s appreciation of their years of service,” Lee said. “In a way, we are replacing what the state eliminated in 2014.”

For more than 50 years, the state awarded veteran teachers bonus payments based on how many years they had worked. Until 2014 when the legislature eliminated longevity pay, most state employees received a payment equal to 1.5 percent of their salaries once they’d worked for 10 years, and that payment jumped to 4.5 percent after working for 25 years or more.

Pictured are (front row, l-r) Sandra Holton (20 years), Sheila Eudy (18 years), Martha Newman (20 years), Terri Bucksot (20 years), Emily Harper (19 years), Elizabeth Toler (10 years); (middle row, l-r) Sherry Dixon (20 years), Natascha Gaskill (19 years), Sandi
Prescott (11 years), Paula Murray (20 years), LuLu Jacome (15 years), Cathy Cox (20 years), Mary Ellen Stalnaker (18 years), (back row, l-r) Jeremy Forbes (15 years), Hope King (16 years), Patrica M. Jones (15 years), Laura Atienzo (19 years), Sherry Gaskins (18 years), Buddy Cox (20 years), Mark Prescott (13 years), Jimmy Lee (19 years). Not pictured: Irma Baker (18 years), Rosario Lugo-Castro (18 years), Ana Reyes (18 years), Jill Williamson (15 years), Yvonne Harrison (12 years), Pat S. Jones (10 years).