CBE up and running

Communities for Better Education Up and Running
Posted on 08/26/2018
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 Communities for Better Education is a 501c non-profit organization founded in 2017 to provide opportunies not otherwise available for the students and staff of Arapahoe Charter School.

The foundation will fund such amazing things like grants for teachers and schools, STEM and STEAM labs, sports programs, student scholarships and so much more! Make your charitable gift today to show your personal support of Arapahoe Charter School students and teachers.

Arapahoe Charter School staff and parents recognize that each child is uniquely different and may, at times, need special instruction and attention.

Our staff works hard to meet the needs of this diverse community, sparking the learning desires of “below average students” at risk of giving up on learning, challenging “average students” to do their very best, and motivating “above average students” to rise to their full potential. With added financial support, these goals will not only met but will be expanded to exceed our already high standards.

With your help, the CBE Foundation will provide financial resources to create opportunities that impact each and every child at Arapahoe Charter School.

We’d love to tell you more about Communities for Better Education. Please fill out the reverse side of this card and we’ll fill you in our latest plans to make a difference at Arapahoe Charter School.
Contact CBE at 252-249-2599 or communities4bettereducation@gmail.com