Mad Tea Party

Arapahoe Charter School Theatre Arts Class Presents “The Mad Tea Party!”
Posted on 12/09/2015
This is the image for the news article titled Arapahoe Charter School Theatre Arts Class Presents “The Mad Tea Party!”Arapahoe Charter School’s first Theatre Arts class presents “The Mad Tea Party” on Thursday December 17th at 7:00 pm in the Delamar Center located on the campus of Pamlico Community College. Admission is $2.00. The class has worked diligently much of the semester and is excited to present the results of their hard work! Collaboration with the Engineering class promises to add wonder and whimsy to the set design! The cast includes the following students: Nick Phillips, Emily Price, Sydney Bazzle, Alexcia Blight, Sara Cottrell, Tabbitha Pollard, Essence Tillman, Jenna Baldree, Kaylan Muse, and Elizabeth Peterson, all from the Theatre class. Special additional appearances from Kelsie Wilkinson and Duncan Jablonski. Come out and support the students and the new Theatre Arts class on Dec. 17th!
Read below for a synopsis of the performance from Pioneer Drama:
“Lewis Carroll’s Wonderland characters are so...  well, wonderful that favorite playwright Brian D. Taylor has brought them together in an original story with the same wit and whimsy as the classic tales.  Mad Hatter, Dormouse, and March Hare meet for a tea party to honor Time, who has forgiven the Hatter and set time right once again.  When the Jabberwock comes and wreaks havoc, the tea party guests — including the Dodo Bird, the Duchess, the Frog Footman, and Tweedledee and Tweedledum — decide that something must be done.  Time suggests they travel back through time to the moment when the Jabberwock arrives so that they might catch him.  They travel back several times, but White Rabbit’s watch is fast, Hatter’s is slow, and they just can’t catch the Jabberwock.  Finally, Hare realizes they must fix the nick in Time...  Time’s cloak, that is, to save them from the Jabberwock!  After all, a stitch in Time saves nine!”