Pi Day in Sixth Grade

Pi Day in Sixth Grade
Posted on 03/16/2016
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You may have thought the Pi Day of the CENTURY was last year, but  interestingly enough, this year’s Pi Day matched our date if you round the digits of Pi to 3/14/16 from 3.14159.

Sixth Grade celebrated Pi Day on March 14 with many activities revolving around Pi. In language arts, students read about the facts of Pi and answered questions. Bonus questions even involved finding the circumference of a circle. In math and science, there was a video based on the book “Sir Cumference and the Dragon of Pi” in which you must figure out the formula for Pi in order to turn a dragon back into Sir Cumference. There was an intense round of Jeopardy revolving around Pi and math topics.

Perhaps one of the most anticipated Pi events was the Pi Day Bee. Much like a spelling bee, students have to continue to recite the digits of Pi until a winner is declared. This is tough competition as the students work very hard to memorize over twenty of the digits.

The annual Pi Day Pie Contest was likely the most fun for the students. Groups had to find the circumference and diameter of a pie pan, and the group with the most accurate measurements had the choice of first pick of the “cookie” pies. Everyone enjoyed the eating part of the activity once the relationship of circumference, diameter, radius, and pi were discussed. Pi MeasurementDragon of PiMeasuring Pi