Robotic Challenges for High School Engineering

Posted on 12/13/2016
This is the image for the news article titled ENGINEERING CLASSES BUILD REMOTE CONTROL RACING ROBOTSTwo classes. Two challenges.  Build a remote controlled robot to carry 3 cups, 3 meters.  Build a remote-controlled robot to maneuver through a slalom course in the fastest amount of time.  In the cup challenge all of the teams were successful but the winning team found a unique way to meet the criteria and won by a long shot.   The second engineering class was given two days and tasked with building a remote control robot that could complete a slalom racing course in under one minute. All of the students made unique robots, and all of them completed the course while sticking with the criteria, which was no easy task. The class had many issues, dealing with many things, from neutral positioning to inverted controls, which they all managed to overcome.  Next challenge: computer coding for autonomous robots.