Second Grade Monarch Project

Second Grade Monarch Butterfly Project
Posted on 11/01/2016
Monarch Butterfly

The second grade at ACS has taken on the project of creating milkweed gardens in the local community to help the Monarch population.  Monarch butterflies are important pollinators, but with the decline of their only larval food source (milkweed) and several extremely cold winters in their overwintering grounds in Mexico and California, their numbers have been in decline.  Last spring, second grade planted milkweed gardens at Camp Caroline.  In September, the now third graders were able to see the fruits of their labor when they received a photo from camp staff of a Monarch caterpillar eating some of their milkweed plants.  This week, they received additional photos from the camp of a Monarch butterfly.  You can read more about the Monarch Migration and “The Butterfly Highway” in this month’s Carolina Country magazine

Butterfly BoxBuilding Milkweed Garden2nd Monarch