Second Grade Needs Your Help!

Second Grade Needs Your Help!
Posted on 10/01/2015
Officers visit 2nd Grade
Mrs. Harper's 2nd grade class read a book titled “Stick” about a little frog who is just a little too independent for his own good.  The book was then used to talk about asking for help when needed and working together as a team throughout the year.   The class created their very own “Stick” to remind them of these things.  

Upon arriving at school, Tuesday, September 22, students discovered that Stick had disappeared and gone on another journey all alone.  

Working together the class devised a plan to get him back!  First they spent the day looking around the school.  Then they asked the ACS family to look for him.   When all that didn't work, they decided  to ask their family, friends, and community to look for him.  They asked anyone who spotted Stick to send a letter or postcard describing his adventures.  So far, Stick has been spotted in New Bern, Atlanta, Florida, and on a tug boat in the Gulf of Mexico.  The class is learning about many new places as they investigate where Stick has traveled.  

After hearing about the missing friend Sheriff Chris Davis sent Officers Wilkinson and (aptly named) Hopper to visit the 2nd grade class on Wednesday, September 30.  The officers took a missing frog report and helped the students implement a straight line search outside of the classroom to look for clues in the case of the missing class pet.  The officers gave tips on how to proceed and promised to stay in touch with any new leads.  The #SeachforStick is heating up!! Anyone who spots Stick is encouraged to send a postcard or letter to:

Mrs. Harper's Hoppers
9005 NC 306 Hwy S
Arapahoe, NC 28510