Twenty-first Annual Meeting of the Membership

Twenty-First Annual Meeting of the Membership
Posted on 09/01/2017
Board Members

With 100 members attending the Annual Meeting of Arapahoe Charter School on Thursday, August 31, 2017, it took four ballots to finalize the new Board of Director positions for 2017-2018. Six candidates placed their names in nomination for the parent position, three candidates ran for the teacher/teacher assistant position and two candidates vied for the community position.  Board terms are for three years with one of each category finishing their term each year. Outgoing Board members were Jaclyn Jones – Community, Tyrone Robertson – Parent, and Maryellen Stalnaker – Teacher. Parent candidates were Mat Hall, Tom McCarthy, Darletta McNair, Tyrone Robertson, Christy Dixon Strickland, and Lee Tillman. Teacher/Teacher Assistant candidates were Valerie Hernandez, Sandi Prescott, and Maryellen Stalnaker. Community candidates were David Gaskins and Timmy Murray.

The members of the ACS Board of Directors sincerely thank all who demonstrated their interest in the governance of the school by attending the meeting and are proud of the candidates who took the extra step of potential service by placing their names in nomination. New members are Tyrone Robertson, Sandi Prescott, and Timmy Murray.